Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bubalicious 5!!!!!

Bub turned 5 on Saturday...actually he turned 5 last Wednesday but since LM was busy suffocating (something about being a mile above sea level), having the moisture sucked from his body (I guess kinda dry) and doing some job training in Colorado Springs, we had to put it off till Saturday...just in time for everyone to get sick.

Anyway, this kid is 5 and I can not believe it...seriously. I love this guy! I really do, he tests me, pushes me and gets me to pray daily. He also says THE funniest things, laughs daily, snuggles with me any chance he gets and loves strongly, especially for animals.

I'll leave you with this:
Bub to Emily: You wanna dwess up wif me Emiwy?
Emily: No, I don't feel like it.
Bub: Come on, look at me. I wook GWEAT!