Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waking up with a fright.

This morning, I decided that I was going to sleep in till 7:00. Carrie had to leave for work early, it was raining and it seemed like a good day not to get up early to go walking.

As I was getting out of bad...very slowly like and getting ready to wake up the monsters, I see this huge flash of light that was all sparky then a big BOOM! that shook the house. Needless to say, I did not need to wake up everyone. All the kids ran into our room asking what happened while LM and I ran to the window. We saw smoke coming from the power lines that sit on the corner of our property. I said "It looks like the transformer blew." (like I even know what a transformer is but I pretended). LM and I went outside to take a look and we see that one of the guide wires from the ground to the pole had broke. We call the electric company and find out that a semi outside of town hit a power line. While we were outside, we start hearing a series of booms throughout town and lots of sparks coming from other poles, then lots and lots of sirens. Guys, I don't remember the last time this town had so much excitement.

BUT here's the best part. We walk back inside and we see Bub standing at the top of the stairs. He's shaking really bad and he says: "Is it Optimus Pwime?". It took everything I had not to fall on the ground laughing. We tried to explain to him that it's not that kind of transformer, but I still don't think he gets it because he keeps asking if it was a different kind of robot.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A whole lot of randomenss

Mainly just pictures.

What it's been looking like when I get up to go walking in the morning. We live a couple houses away from a river and this is the coolest bridge that takes you to a good dog run around area.

This is the river

Our house from the bridge.

Sara's 10th b-day

and yes that is the Twilight Graphic Novel. Sara loved it.

Should I be concerned that Bub does this with his toys?

Yes, he's still wearing the twansfomo costume. Notice the James (Thomas the tank engine) costume on the floor? This is also the reason we have dogs. Who else would he nap with?

Taking my "I never get to do anything" daughter out for a walk on the bridge and to the boat ramp.

The river on a beautiful sunny day.

The kids at the boat ramp Fall 2005. They were so tiny.

When did she grow such long legs???

Flowers blooming.

I've missed you blog. I'll hang around more I promise.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Sara

I'm sorry I missed posting about your big double digit birthday. It's amazing to me that we've spent a decade together...and yet I haven't aged a day. I don't know how I keep doing that.

I love you Sara! I love watching my once tiny sweet little baby grow to an amazing young woman. You're smart, funny, kind-hearted, friendly, creative and talented and can do anything you set your mind to do. I can't believe your my daughter! You have a little bit of me, a little bit of your Dad and a whole lot of you. You're the most individual of the kids and I love that about you. You're not afraid to be yourself, your brave in a way that I never have been. You make me proud to be your mom and I'm grateful for everyday that I have with you.

I'll love you forever.