Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 going on 25

My baby girl turned 8 on the 17th and I'm pretty sure I'm not done crying over it. I love her so much and just when I think that I can't possibly love her any more, she smiles with her big dimple or does something that makes me love her even more. She's sweet, kind, loving, easy to make happy and works so hard at being good at home and at school . It's only October and she has already won 2 awards at school, 1 student of the month and another great student award. If anyone deserves a day of awesome, it's my Emily Wembily.

Usually, I keep birthdays low key and normally I would have just chosen one thing she wanted to do but she deserved to have a great day, so my bestie and I gave her a day of everything she wanted which was lunch at Taco Bell, ear piercing, mani/pedi, cake and presents which included new earrings, scarves and movie and she loved it which makes me so happy.

Killing time while waiting for her turn to get her ears pierced.

There is something about this picture that makes her seem so much older.

She started getting so nervous but the lady was really good with her.

This was the 2nd ear. She was shaking so hard since it hurt more than she thought it would but she didn't cry.

Look at that bling and that smile!!!

I just want to kiss that face!!!

I love you Emily!!!! Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

So what's been up? I'll tell ya.

June: Once my contract ended with my job, I spent 2 weeks sleeping or at least it felt like it. Honestly, I think it was my body detoxing from stress and frustration. I've never been so tired. It was also unusually cold and very un summer like which makes me feel bitter.

We started going to Grandma and Grandpa Coopers a couple times a month for dinner and swimming.
Don't they look miserable?

4th of July. I didn't get many pictures since my bff was there to take pictures but I don't have them yet...hint hint. Jackson got to be the master of ceremonies. It was fun but a little tough getting trumped by large illegal fireworks going off a couple streets away.

Emily got two abscesses and had to have 2 teeth pulled. She is hilarious when she's drugged. Just saying.
She also started experimenting with my makeup.
Should I be concerned that she is better at putting on makeup then me? Just wondering.

Finally felt like summer. Woohoo!

Bub lost his first tooth then a few weeks later I hear a terrifying scream, I run upstairs to the play room and he's sitting there with his mouth open with blood coming out. He knocked out another tooth by tripping and hitting his face. He kept screaming that he was going to die but he didn't want to go to the hospital. Me thinks he's a bit of a drama queen. But he's now 2 dollars richer so...I think it was probably worth it.

I spent a Sunday at Cathe's while she taught me how to be Vegan. It was like Vegan 101, It was awesome and helped me feel less over whelmed with the idea of no longer consuming dairy and meat. If you're curious, it isn't a moral thing just dairy hurts me, in fact, it hates me and as I get older it has gotten worse so I decided to cut it out completely and since I was doing that, it didn't seem much harder to cut out meat so there you have it.

Mid month, Carrie played hookie from work and we went off to play in Vancouver Washington, we got lost, picked blueberries at a farm, got lost, laughed while trying to remember how to pump our own gas, and had a super duper day. I brought home a bucket of blueberries and this:

I do not recommend spending a few hours in the sun without sunscreen when your skin can literally glow in the dark. Notice how it's the same color of pink as my shirt and this was day 5. So lesson learned, I'm now paranoid to leave the house without sunscreen or a long sleeve shirt...but I still love you sun. It still hurts and itches and now I have to go to the dermatologist but it was still a great day.

Carrie, the kids and I picked blackberries, with a long sleeve shirt. They were delicious, I just wish they weren't in my backyard.

By the time we were done my hands looked like this and stayed like this for a few days.Oh and best of all, I'm planning a big road trip with BFF for next summer! I CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! I've wanted to go on a big road trip for like...forever but I'm married to a guy that can't stand being in a car for 30 mins and 3 of my 4 kids get car sick so .... Thank God for Carrie, we both have a desire to see random places, drive for miles and miles and laugh all the way.

I may be coming to a town near you...just a warning....and an opportunity to open up your home to a couple of poor girls for a night. Our original plan took us south to Louisiana then up north as far as Massachusetts but we decided that we would break up the US into smaller areas and just make road trips for each area. So for this first road trip will be spending a lot more time in the SW but it's not all finalized yet. EEEEEEEK! So excited. Now to get a job to pay for it....

September= End of summer= cry/pout/tantrum/mild depression thinking about the rains coming.

Bub started to add the word "Beep" randomly to his sentences. Like "Beep I'm going to get a toy beep." I don't know why but it makes him laugh at himself which is pretty funny.

Right before school started, Bub got this in the mail and we screamed with joy. The best kindy teacher is now teaching first grade and is Bub's teacher. I'm so happy...I almost cried.

So school started:
Let me add, ALL of the kids are in school ALL DAY! It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I thought this day would never get here when they were all little and here it is and it has put me in a bit of a funk.

Jackson 9th grade

Sara 6th grade

Emily 2nd grade
Bub 1st gradeDoesn't he look happy? (insert sarcasm here) For the past month, he kept telling me that he doesn't want to grow up and wants to stay in Kindergarten.

Kita's first day of school:

mope some moreStill mope, she sort of seems aimless without a 6 year old telling her what to do.

I took her for a quick car ride and yet...still mope
See? Still mope, I even had the windows down.
When we parked in front of the grade school to pick up Emily and Bub. She finally remembered, that they aren't gone forever.
Happiest dog EVER.Thankfully, we are now in a routine, she comes with me to drop them off and pick them up.

and The End. If you made it through this post then Congrats! You win a big "I owe you Hug".

Thursday, September 22, 2011

new favorite five

Favorite Five

1. Bill Hader as Stefon on Saturday Night Live. I heart him and the fact that he loses it every.single.time. I can't blame him, I start giggling before it even starts.

2. smoothies...I spent the summer making one everyday except for the whole week when my blender was broken and I didn't have any money to buy a replacement part and I about died ...ok so maybe I didn't almost die but, It was a tough week.

My favorite is:
1 banana
frozen mixed fruit (I use Festival blend that includes, mango, papaya, strawberries and pineapple that I get from Costco)
orange juice

When I make it just for me I add fresh spinach and silken tofu. You can't taste either, it just turns green so it looks way less appetizing.

another recipe that hides spinach better is:
1 banana
mixed frozen berries (that I also get from costco)
regular milk or yogurt, I use soy milk because I can't handle dairy (for some reason, I think the dark berries taste better with milk then juice)
fresh spinach ( a couple handfuls)

3. Dr. Who. I spent part of June watching five seasons of it. I heart it. It's super cheesy and for some reason makes me like it even more. All the kids watched it too and now Jackson talks about being The Doctor.

4. Dina, she comes over to play every once in a while and she makes me happy. I don't know what mix of dog she is but she's uniquely adorable and very puppy. She doesn't bark but cries and snorts and makes funny sounds that make me giggle.

5. SUMMER! Though I wish it was a teensy bit longer. This seriously felt like the shortest summer in the history of summer...and like I've lived through like 29 summers (shut up) so I'm like an expert.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Paranoia? I think not.

Last month, I told you guys that I thought there might be a toy take over. Well, I'm pretty positive that I'm usual. I walked into the kitchen and came upon some sort of "social" gathering.

I thought it was weird, it didn't seem like any one toy was in charge but it felt a little odd. As I rounded the corner to go into the Living Room I found this.

In the words of Squidward. "SPONGEBOB!!!!"

Of all the toys to be in charge of a take over, I never thought it would be Spongebob. I mean our house has a zillion transformers and not a one in sight. I thought they would protect us from things like this but no. Dang you transformers ::shakes fist:: See if Bub gets any more of you for Christmas.

Stop crying Bub I was only sort of joking.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm starting to wonder

why I spent almost 400 bucks on Bub's bed when I could have just spent $18.99 at costco for a fluffy dog bed. I'm so kicking myself.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


My BFF, Carrie has been borrowing my kids for photos for her photography class and this was todays creation. As freaky as it is to see Em as a ghost, it's also awesome! It's freaky awesome! I can't stop staring at it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you ever wonder

if your house is being taken over by toys?
Just wondering.

Psst, between me and you, I kinda think that Bub might be part of the take over because no matter how many toys I pick up, I keep finding them. On my desk, on the floor next to my bed, on the kitchen table and chairs, sometimes in the fridge, under the couch cushions, on the floor in every hallway, on the stairs, sometimes I catch them bathing in a bathroom sink and occasionally in the washer and/or dryer. I'm starting to feel paranoid.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My 5 favorite things ...

about my Dad.

Since it's Fathers Day month, I thought I'd share my favorite things about my Dad.

1. He gets me. He really does, I suppose it's because we are very similar but no matter what the reason...he just does.

2. His dry sense of humor. I also need to thank him for passing it down to me.

3. He's super duper smart, so smart that I do not recommend playing any trivia game with him...Ever....not even if you have back up. He just knows everything and it's the only time that his smartness is annoying.

4. He laughs about having a child that is more stubborn then him. I would cry about it but I guess he finds humor in it, which I'm glad. I don't want to name names but he may have a middle child daughter that can out stubborn him.

5. He taught me to be kind.

Love you Dad.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Olivia and Oliver

Olivia and Oliver by Sara C. Once there were two olives As happy as can be but when they leave their tree what wonderful things they see. Olivia and Oliver, so sweet and so divine, they are very happy they don't grow on a vine. First they were plucked from their tree, put in a basket O' Where are they going? They sure don't know. Olivia and Oliver so sweet and so divine, they are very happy that they don't grow on a vine. Now they are in a can in a grocery store. They've been bought. Where are they now? They don't know any more. Olivia and Oliver, so sweet and so divine, they are very happy that they don't grow on a vine. Now they are cut up ow! ow! ow! Now they are on a pizza how? how? how? Olivia and Oliver, so sweet and so divine, they are very happy that they don't grow on a vine.

Friday, June 17, 2011

First and lasts

My kids are growing up. Sometimes I'm thrilled and other times I want to crawl into bed and get into the fetal position and forget that we are all getting older and that I'm 4 years from Jackson graduating. sniff sniff


Jackson had his Progression to High School Ceremony Monday. I only cried like 3 more like 4 or 5 but I didn't cry through the whole thing.

Wasn't it yesterday that Jackson was itty bitty baby in my belly?
(me holding my niece Ashlie. I think I was 29 weeks here)

To an itty bitty baby out of my belly
(no judging, I just gave birth 10 days before and it was before I realized that I didn't need prescription lenses for my cheeks)

and now...

he's now several inches taller than me with a deep voice except when he laughs then it's a super high pitched.

I wasn't really prepared for this.

Bub graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday. It was only a month ago, when he finally fessed up that he likes Kindergarten...just in time to become a 1st grader. Now he's telling me that I can't make him go to 1st grade.

Growing up is hard. I relate.

Bub with Mrs. Dallas. She's a rock star. I feel bad for all the other teachers that have to come after Mrs. Dallas because it's hard to compete with the best Kindy teacher on the really. I'm kinda sad that I won't have any more kids in her class.

Class of 2023

My little man.

At the graduation, the teachers called each childs name and said what they wanted to be. Bub said he wanted to be a Janitor.... I have know idea where he came up with that since he cries

I have to mention my top 3 favorite desired professions that were mentioned.
1. Princess Ninja
2. Pokemon
3. Black and White Ninja

Really, how can you compete with Princess Ninja? You get to be beautiful and kick butt. What else would you need?


Anybody want to give me a baby?