Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is it! EEEEEEEEEK

Cristin's Favorite 5!

I'm so excited to get back to listing my favorites. I've had a week and it's only Wednesday and I'm due for a reminder of what's great about life.

5.This guy! I freakin love this kid. He's grown up a lot since mid summer and is a joy to be around. He cracks me up daily and gives the best loves.

4. Seattles Best Peppermint Hot Chocolate! Do I need to say more? really? It's even better because it's located at my favorite Borders Books. It's so much goodness in one place that it's almost too much. Luckily, I can handle it.

3. Pedicures. I resisted for a long time, I just thought it was weird to have someone touch my feet but my BFF Carrie talked me into it and ooooooh my. BEST THING EVER!

My feet have never felt and looked so good.
Thanks've changed my life forever.

2. Sleeping in, it's so under rated. There is nothing that makes me appreciate sleeping more than having to wake up at 5:00 am when it's freakin cold outside and I have to go to work. I should have added sleeping in to my new years resolution....

1. My new playlist that includes Metallicas Enter Sandman, Run DMC Walk This Way, Sir Mix A Lots Baby Got Back (my theme song, it feels good to be appreciated even if I look like some rap guys girlfriend...except white), Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby (yeah you heard! Love it!). Making my new workout playlist is the best thing I've done all year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2010 Helloooooooooo 2011. I'm so looking forward to 2011. I'm positive a lot of great things will happen this year.

I read somewhere that people rarely talk about gaining for the new year but always talk about losing so for my new years resolutions, I'm totally going to gain:

1. New smaller size wardrobe that I can fit into.

2. The Title to the van.

3. A Beautiful front yard.

4. The ability to run long distances.

5. The ability to function without diet pepsi.

6. A larger pile of books I have read compared to the books to read.

7. Awesome pictures, taken by moi.

8. Ability to NOT get steam rolled by people.

9. Need for a larger wallet.

10. A large pile of things that I've sewn or crafted.

Good luck to all of us resolution suckers!

P.S. I'm going old school and bringing back "Cristin's Favorite Things". I know!!! Try not to get too excited. I think it'll help me keep positive and at the same time keep everyone up to date on the latest because we all know, I lead a VERY exciting life....ok, so I don't but I can make it SOUND exciting.