Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2010 Helloooooooooo 2011. I'm so looking forward to 2011. I'm positive a lot of great things will happen this year.

I read somewhere that people rarely talk about gaining for the new year but always talk about losing so for my new years resolutions, I'm totally going to gain:

1. New smaller size wardrobe that I can fit into.

2. The Title to the van.

3. A Beautiful front yard.

4. The ability to run long distances.

5. The ability to function without diet pepsi.

6. A larger pile of books I have read compared to the books to read.

7. Awesome pictures, taken by moi.

8. Ability to NOT get steam rolled by people.

9. Need for a larger wallet.

10. A large pile of things that I've sewn or crafted.

Good luck to all of us resolution suckers!

P.S. I'm going old school and bringing back "Cristin's Favorite Things". I know!!! Try not to get too excited. I think it'll help me keep positive and at the same time keep everyone up to date on the latest because we all know, I lead a VERY exciting life....ok, so I don't but I can make it SOUND exciting.


Larry said...

Oh, it's exciting baby!

I know you will gain them all, you are the bestest!

Sephalo said...

Whoo Hoo! I am so excited for all the gaining!

Emily said...

Those are some great resolutions! I think our lists are very similar.

Can't wait for your favorite things posts!!

ManicMandee said...

Just saw this post. I like you Cristin. I really really like you :)

Jenny ESP said...

Your blog looks gorge! Can't wait for Cristin's favorite things. Good luck on that list!

Markie23 said...

You are the Biggest Gainer!