Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I know it's a little late

but HAPPY EASTER!!! or Happy Sugar Induced Coma Day!!!

Is it me or does anyone else still have to detox from Jelly Bean overload? Probably just me. I don't know why I keep buying them when I know I can't eat just a few.

I, of course, forgot to take my camera with me to the Z's Easter get together where the kids hunt a bazillion eggs, we eat, eat, snack, play games while we eat then roll ourselves out to the van where we say how next year we won't eat as much. We've been having Easter with the Z's for the past 11 years and it still hasn't happened but one of these Easters....

Honestly, I blame Beth. If she wouldn't cook the most delicious meals, I wouldn't have this problem. It's all her fault.... and I'll thank her again the next time I see her. I have to thank her for introducing me to carrot souffle anyway, 2 birds, 1 stone.

Anyone else ready for summer? I seriously can't wait!!!! 6 weeks left on my work contract and time can not go fast enough. I was hoping to goof off this summer, finish the millions of projects we have left on the house but it looks like I might have another job. woohoo and boohoo all at the same time. Luckily, it's for a company so it's likely, that I'll get paid on time....among other things.... seriously CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Now that's it's mid April

it's probably time for me to celebrate March birthdays on here.

Bubalicious turned 6! Yeah...I can't believe it either. 6 YEEEEEEEEEARS! Seriously, can my baby be that old??? Thank goodness.
He loved his birthday so much, he asked for another one and promptly made a new birthday present list. He was pretty pissed when he found out that he only gets 1 a year. I remember those years...sigh....so naive. Now, getting one every years sucks.

He's a crack up and doesn't even know it,or especially because he doesn't know it because when he THINKS he's being funny, he's so not...more annoying but I'm pretty sure that might just be a 6 year old thing.

Sara turned 11. She's a crack up too. I don't mean to brag buuuuut, my kids are hilarious....among other things. I was having a bad month, she came down stairs looking like this.

People, this is what's called happiness. Totally made my month...totally.

She's as anxious as she is funny and regularly teeters back and forth...it's hard to keep up but I think that's a pre-teen thing. ::crossing fingers::

Now that I stepped back out onto the blogging tight rope, I may come back regularly, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Generally speaking, it's never a good idea to do that anyway.