Monday, May 16, 2011

Poetry Roolz

Jackson was invited to read 3 of his poems at a poetry reading and I do have to admit that I did in fact shed a few tears from a couple of poems that were read from some kids. I did not know this but 8th graders feel...deeply. There were of course a lot of broken heart poems but I was waaaaaaaaay impressed by some of them. ....waaaaaaay impressed.

Jackson is letting me post his poems that he read. He rocks! Seriously! He wouldn't let me read his poems before hand and in fact I didn't even know that he wrote them till he told me that he wanted to go to the reading. I'm like " what? poetry reading?...what?....seriously?....huh." I'm not a poet and I totally know it so I have know idea where my kids get there skillz from but I'm totally going to brag. I'm just going to share Jacksons today but I have a few others from my other kids. Not to brag or anything but my kids rock.

The Man With Colors On His Clothes
By Jackson C.

I wonder if I will ever get chosen.
All my brothers and sisters got chosen and I am left behind with my other unwanted siblings.
Then a man with colors that have been splattered on his clothes came in and walked to me.
The man picked me up and said "I'll have this one".
The man brought me to his car and put me in the back seat.
The man got in the driver seat and rove us to his house.
The man brought me into his house and we went into a room.
The man turned me upside down and dipped my hair into a red, cool liquid.
With me, the man painted a rose.

My thoughts: half way through the poem I was getting really nervous. I didn't read it before hand and it was kind of freaky but then he ended it and it was like the room all sighed and awwwwed. It was awesome.

All Alone
By Jackson C.

I am all alone.
I had a husband, but he got lost at sea.
Every day, I hope my husband will come back.
Every day, I hope I will no longer be alone.

I am all alone.
I live in the middle of no where and I have no relatives.
I am all alone.

A dog came out of the bushes all sad and alone.
I took him into my house and fed him.
He had no collar, so I decided to keep him.
I named him Max, and we were never alone again.

my thoughts: awwwwww

Touch the sky
By Jackson C

I want to fly.
I am too young to fly a plane. So I can't touch the sky.
I see the sky, but I can't touch it.
I see the sky, so blue with white clouds.
I wait till I can fly.
I am scared of heights, but yet I want to touch the sky.
I want to touch the sky.

my thoughts: My feelings exactly! aaaaaaaand I love this kid.