Friday, June 17, 2011

First and lasts

My kids are growing up. Sometimes I'm thrilled and other times I want to crawl into bed and get into the fetal position and forget that we are all getting older and that I'm 4 years from Jackson graduating. sniff sniff


Jackson had his Progression to High School Ceremony Monday. I only cried like 3 more like 4 or 5 but I didn't cry through the whole thing.

Wasn't it yesterday that Jackson was itty bitty baby in my belly?
(me holding my niece Ashlie. I think I was 29 weeks here)

To an itty bitty baby out of my belly
(no judging, I just gave birth 10 days before and it was before I realized that I didn't need prescription lenses for my cheeks)

and now...

he's now several inches taller than me with a deep voice except when he laughs then it's a super high pitched.

I wasn't really prepared for this.

Bub graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday. It was only a month ago, when he finally fessed up that he likes Kindergarten...just in time to become a 1st grader. Now he's telling me that I can't make him go to 1st grade.

Growing up is hard. I relate.

Bub with Mrs. Dallas. She's a rock star. I feel bad for all the other teachers that have to come after Mrs. Dallas because it's hard to compete with the best Kindy teacher on the really. I'm kinda sad that I won't have any more kids in her class.

Class of 2023

My little man.

At the graduation, the teachers called each childs name and said what they wanted to be. Bub said he wanted to be a Janitor.... I have know idea where he came up with that since he cries

I have to mention my top 3 favorite desired professions that were mentioned.
1. Princess Ninja
2. Pokemon
3. Black and White Ninja

Really, how can you compete with Princess Ninja? You get to be beautiful and kick butt. What else would you need?


Anybody want to give me a baby?


Erin Beck said...

I will give you one of my eggs for $10,000...I guess thats not giving huh

Markie23 said...

My wife's beautiful and kicks butt. Now I know what to call her.

eekareek said...

You can have my baby every night from bout 11 p.m. until the next morning at about 8 a.m..

ManicMandee said...

Loved the line about a prescription for your cheeks.

Kids growing up stinks. Really.

Larry said...

I've already given you four babies! Jeez quit trying to hog other peoples.

Hot Pants said...

I'm in your same boat this year. I need some serious meds. Eighth grade graduation killed me, but then I had to walk into the kindergarten one and it put me over the edge. I specifically told me kids they weren't allowed to grow up. I guess I'll just have to quit feeding them again.