Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's all about Emily

Emily is the middle child...I'm a middle child. I feel and understand her pain. She's amazing and so understated in my opinion. She's the teachers pet, she doesn't complain when it's time to clean up she brushes and play with my pretty much my favorite 7 year old EVAH! It's endearing that she changes her nail color to match whatever she's wearing. She's also smart, so smart that her teacher told us that there really isn't anything that she NEEDS to work on this summer. She just gets it. She's friendly and helpful and last month got an award for being an "All around wonderful student". Their words, not mine. I'm so proud of her. She even had a poem she wrote put on a newsletter that is sent to all the parents. I didn't even know it was her poem till her teacher told me.

By Emily C.

Blue is the Sky.
Blue is the waves.
Blue is my favorite pair of jeans.
Blue is the violets.
Blue is the rain that is falling from the sky.

She's amazing and she deserves to get noticed for all of her hard work and her big heart. She is the heart and the laughter that keeps me going. She has the most addictive laugh, it's sincere and straight from her soul. I want to squeeze her with all my heart every time I hear it. Love you Emily Wembily.


zhang1 said...
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Markie23 said...

That Emily is such a cutie! I wanna squeeze her too.

Larry said...

She is beautiful, funny, smart...

In a nutshell everything that matters.