Thursday, September 22, 2011

new favorite five

Favorite Five

1. Bill Hader as Stefon on Saturday Night Live. I heart him and the fact that he loses it every.single.time. I can't blame him, I start giggling before it even starts.

2. smoothies...I spent the summer making one everyday except for the whole week when my blender was broken and I didn't have any money to buy a replacement part and I about died ...ok so maybe I didn't almost die but, It was a tough week.

My favorite is:
1 banana
frozen mixed fruit (I use Festival blend that includes, mango, papaya, strawberries and pineapple that I get from Costco)
orange juice

When I make it just for me I add fresh spinach and silken tofu. You can't taste either, it just turns green so it looks way less appetizing.

another recipe that hides spinach better is:
1 banana
mixed frozen berries (that I also get from costco)
regular milk or yogurt, I use soy milk because I can't handle dairy (for some reason, I think the dark berries taste better with milk then juice)
fresh spinach ( a couple handfuls)

3. Dr. Who. I spent part of June watching five seasons of it. I heart it. It's super cheesy and for some reason makes me like it even more. All the kids watched it too and now Jackson talks about being The Doctor.

4. Dina, she comes over to play every once in a while and she makes me happy. I don't know what mix of dog she is but she's uniquely adorable and very puppy. She doesn't bark but cries and snorts and makes funny sounds that make me giggle.

5. SUMMER! Though I wish it was a teensy bit longer. This seriously felt like the shortest summer in the history of summer...and like I've lived through like 29 summers (shut up) so I'm like an expert.


lindsay said...

I love Stefan too!!!!!!! He can never get through it! And I had to go without my smoothies for 3 weeks. Just got a new one yesterday. It's red and wonderful! Yay for smoothies!!

Memzy said...

Stefan is my dream BFF!!! I could watch those sketches all night long.