Friday, September 23, 2011

So what's been up? I'll tell ya.

June: Once my contract ended with my job, I spent 2 weeks sleeping or at least it felt like it. Honestly, I think it was my body detoxing from stress and frustration. I've never been so tired. It was also unusually cold and very un summer like which makes me feel bitter.

We started going to Grandma and Grandpa Coopers a couple times a month for dinner and swimming.
Don't they look miserable?

4th of July. I didn't get many pictures since my bff was there to take pictures but I don't have them yet...hint hint. Jackson got to be the master of ceremonies. It was fun but a little tough getting trumped by large illegal fireworks going off a couple streets away.

Emily got two abscesses and had to have 2 teeth pulled. She is hilarious when she's drugged. Just saying.
She also started experimenting with my makeup.
Should I be concerned that she is better at putting on makeup then me? Just wondering.

Finally felt like summer. Woohoo!

Bub lost his first tooth then a few weeks later I hear a terrifying scream, I run upstairs to the play room and he's sitting there with his mouth open with blood coming out. He knocked out another tooth by tripping and hitting his face. He kept screaming that he was going to die but he didn't want to go to the hospital. Me thinks he's a bit of a drama queen. But he's now 2 dollars richer so...I think it was probably worth it.

I spent a Sunday at Cathe's while she taught me how to be Vegan. It was like Vegan 101, It was awesome and helped me feel less over whelmed with the idea of no longer consuming dairy and meat. If you're curious, it isn't a moral thing just dairy hurts me, in fact, it hates me and as I get older it has gotten worse so I decided to cut it out completely and since I was doing that, it didn't seem much harder to cut out meat so there you have it.

Mid month, Carrie played hookie from work and we went off to play in Vancouver Washington, we got lost, picked blueberries at a farm, got lost, laughed while trying to remember how to pump our own gas, and had a super duper day. I brought home a bucket of blueberries and this:

I do not recommend spending a few hours in the sun without sunscreen when your skin can literally glow in the dark. Notice how it's the same color of pink as my shirt and this was day 5. So lesson learned, I'm now paranoid to leave the house without sunscreen or a long sleeve shirt...but I still love you sun. It still hurts and itches and now I have to go to the dermatologist but it was still a great day.

Carrie, the kids and I picked blackberries, with a long sleeve shirt. They were delicious, I just wish they weren't in my backyard.

By the time we were done my hands looked like this and stayed like this for a few days.Oh and best of all, I'm planning a big road trip with BFF for next summer! I CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! I've wanted to go on a big road trip for like...forever but I'm married to a guy that can't stand being in a car for 30 mins and 3 of my 4 kids get car sick so .... Thank God for Carrie, we both have a desire to see random places, drive for miles and miles and laugh all the way.

I may be coming to a town near you...just a warning....and an opportunity to open up your home to a couple of poor girls for a night. Our original plan took us south to Louisiana then up north as far as Massachusetts but we decided that we would break up the US into smaller areas and just make road trips for each area. So for this first road trip will be spending a lot more time in the SW but it's not all finalized yet. EEEEEEEK! So excited. Now to get a job to pay for it....

September= End of summer= cry/pout/tantrum/mild depression thinking about the rains coming.

Bub started to add the word "Beep" randomly to his sentences. Like "Beep I'm going to get a toy beep." I don't know why but it makes him laugh at himself which is pretty funny.

Right before school started, Bub got this in the mail and we screamed with joy. The best kindy teacher is now teaching first grade and is Bub's teacher. I'm so happy...I almost cried.

So school started:
Let me add, ALL of the kids are in school ALL DAY! It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I thought this day would never get here when they were all little and here it is and it has put me in a bit of a funk.

Jackson 9th grade

Sara 6th grade

Emily 2nd grade
Bub 1st gradeDoesn't he look happy? (insert sarcasm here) For the past month, he kept telling me that he doesn't want to grow up and wants to stay in Kindergarten.

Kita's first day of school:

mope some moreStill mope, she sort of seems aimless without a 6 year old telling her what to do.

I took her for a quick car ride and yet...still mope
See? Still mope, I even had the windows down.
When we parked in front of the grade school to pick up Emily and Bub. She finally remembered, that they aren't gone forever.
Happiest dog EVER.Thankfully, we are now in a routine, she comes with me to drop them off and pick them up.

and The End. If you made it through this post then Congrats! You win a big "I owe you Hug".


Morgan's Visual Idea journal said...

Hugging actually makes me uncomfortable. I will take an awkward high five or something.Your summer sounded way better than mine and your next summer will definitely be better than mine.

Morgan's Visual Idea journal said...

That me Sara, not Morgan

ManicMandee said...

You & your BFF are totally welcome here! If you can tolerate all my kids that is.

Love the dog moping photos too.

Great post!

Memzy said...

Sara I've hugged you like 11teen times, why didn't you straight arm me or something?

But yeah, that sunburn looks brutal!! You can stay here too of course....we'd love to have you.

Emily said...

Yay for the blog posts! LOVE hearing anything you have to say and I can't believe how grown up your kids all look!

Jenny ESP said...

My favorite hugs are the half-hearted one-armed ones. We Morgans got that one down. Perfect catch up, all color coordinated and stuff. I like your dog. He looks loyal and kind.