Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 going on 25

My baby girl turned 8 on the 17th and I'm pretty sure I'm not done crying over it. I love her so much and just when I think that I can't possibly love her any more, she smiles with her big dimple or does something that makes me love her even more. She's sweet, kind, loving, easy to make happy and works so hard at being good at home and at school . It's only October and she has already won 2 awards at school, 1 student of the month and another great student award. If anyone deserves a day of awesome, it's my Emily Wembily.

Usually, I keep birthdays low key and normally I would have just chosen one thing she wanted to do but she deserved to have a great day, so my bestie and I gave her a day of everything she wanted which was lunch at Taco Bell, ear piercing, mani/pedi, cake and presents which included new earrings, scarves and movie and she loved it which makes me so happy.

Killing time while waiting for her turn to get her ears pierced.

There is something about this picture that makes her seem so much older.

She started getting so nervous but the lady was really good with her.

This was the 2nd ear. She was shaking so hard since it hurt more than she thought it would but she didn't cry.

Look at that bling and that smile!!!

I just want to kiss that face!!!

I love you Emily!!!! Happy Birthday!