Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brand Spankin New Favorite 5 list

1. New Girl. Oh my, I laugh so hard every episode. So many quirky people in one makes me so happy. Jess reminds me of my BFF in High School, weird, quirky and awesome. I especially enjoy how Jess sings what she's doing...which I'm doing right now. If only this could be a vlog.... I think Schmidt is my favorite, he's crazy but in a good way and I'm now pretty sure I need driving moccasins and will forever think of iphones as "A slippery germ brick".

2. If you're on Facebook the you know that I heart This song:

I'm addicted, it was almost like that time when I couldn't stop listening to this song:

3. Georgette Heyer. Thank you Uncle Markie for introducing me to her. I started with Grand Sophy and just finished reading Frederica and now have all her books on my wish list. Her books are filled with wit, memorable characters no matter how minor they are . LOVE LOVE LOVE

4. SUMMER TIME!!!  It never gets old and the end is coming faster than I like.

5. Being warm...thank you summer heat.