Monday, June 11, 2012

Chaperoning is F-U-N

In April I finally had a chance to go on field trips with the kids. LOVE it!

I went with Emily's class to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It was awesome!  The girls were cute and fun and easy-peasy.

Chaperoning girls at OMSI

No comfy way to wear these with glasses...just sayin'
Making goop...glad it's not my kitchen.

Then I went to the Zoo with Bub's class. It was so fun a lot less easy-peasy but entertaining to say the least.  These guys were heeeeelarious.
Chaperoning boys at the Zoo!
They ARE as entertaining as they look.
good times...good times.

It sure beat the time that I chaperoned Saras class at Western Oregon Waste ...seriously.  Not as bad as it sounds but it wasn't the Zoo or OMSI

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