Saturday, June 16, 2012

Uncle Brent

My Uncle Brent passed away this week, my parents warned us that is was getting closer.  Then my cousin Michelle posted that he had passed.

Words can not describe how sad I am for his family, our family and for all the people who got to know him.  He is an amazing man who changed a lot of lives including mine. He was my Uncle Brent that lived 2 lives, before his strokes and after his strokes.  I barely remember pre-stroke Brent.  He was tall, confident and had a big Cooper smile.  Post stroke Brent had a body that no longer looked confident, it didn't work right, his vocabulary was very small, and had a big Cooper smile, it's also the Brent that I love and am thankful for.

As a young teen I had an experience with him that I call a Heavenly moment.  It's those moments, or those people you meet or an experience that you have where you feel the true Love of our Heavenly Father.  I was a self loathing angsty teen at the time, when he innocently said something to me. I shushed him away in my awkwardness when he grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and repeated what he said then he gave me the most beautiful hug and that's when it happened.  I broke down and opened myself up to the warmth of his love and the meaning of his words.  It changed my life and it's the memory that keeps coming to mind when I think of him.  I won't say what he said, the words would take away from the feeling I had but I know that I am not the only one who had these moments with him. 

I love you Uncle Brent. 

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Kymi Roxx said...

Just randomly surfed into your blog. I am sorry about your loss. :(