Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brand Spankin New Favorite 5 list

1. New Girl. Oh my, I laugh so hard every episode. So many quirky people in one makes me so happy. Jess reminds me of my BFF in High School, weird, quirky and awesome. I especially enjoy how Jess sings what she's doing...which I'm doing right now. If only this could be a vlog.... I think Schmidt is my favorite, he's crazy but in a good way and I'm now pretty sure I need driving moccasins and will forever think of iphones as "A slippery germ brick".

2. If you're on Facebook the you know that I heart This song:

I'm addicted, it was almost like that time when I couldn't stop listening to this song:

3. Georgette Heyer. Thank you Uncle Markie for introducing me to her. I started with Grand Sophy and just finished reading Frederica and now have all her books on my wish list. Her books are filled with wit, memorable characters no matter how minor they are . LOVE LOVE LOVE

4. SUMMER TIME!!!  It never gets old and the end is coming faster than I like.

5. Being warm...thank you summer heat.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th of July

We weren't planning on doing much but setting fireworks with the kiddos since we're total homebodies that rarely get out but gradually during the day we grabbed more guests to come over for food and a fantastic legal firework show.Woohoo So I might be exaggerating a bit about the show but the kids love it even though the "big" fireworks don't actually leave the ground. 

This year we had  Jackson and Sara's besties who happen to be siblings.  T and O and their mama Dawnmaire, our friend and neighbor Jay with his dog Amelia Airhead.  It was fun and made me think that maybe I should step out of my comfort zone a little more often and invite people over...then I remembered that I don't like doing that very often even if I did just have fun. 


I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!  God Bless America!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For Realsies, a new favorite 5. You're welcome.

My favorite 5 most used sarcastic comments.

1. I can't wait to move.

2. I <3 packing... a house that we've lived in for 12 years where we obviously never got rid of enough stuff during our yearly spring cleaning.

3. Of course you don't have to eat dinner after I spent 2 hours fixing it for you.

4. I love cleaning up after you  It's my favorite.

5. No,  I'm not going to spend ALL day reading trashy novels in bed...I do have to go pick up a diet pepsi, pee and eat at some point in my day.