Friday, August 10, 2012


1. Read Slammed and LOOOOOOVED it!  LOVED!  I've read it again since I read it last week and every once in a while I'll read certain parts again.  I love when I'm so into a book that I have to stop and process during reading it or I can't get it out of my head afterwards.  That's how I felt about this book.  At the beginning of each chapter are a quotes from music from The Avett Brothers. Which leads to my 2nd favorite.

2. Avett Brothers.  Never heard of them till I read this book and now I'm like "Where in the halibut have I been???".  Their music is such a mix of different things which makes me love it even more but the freaking good....I mean FREAKIN good.  Plus they use banjos=hellaawesome. They move me. Never been so glad for youtube till this past week.

3. Youtube and not just because of music videos or baby laughing videos but because Bub is learning so much...sometimes not in things that I want him too but he's super into space, planets...all that stuff and now he tells me the planets, the name of their moons and factual tidbits...the only bad side is that now he says things like "there is life on other planets, RIGHT?!" Like I'm their to agree with the ufo videos that he also watches.  I probably should be worried but it's very entertaining, don't worry, youtube isn't his only influence, his best friend is a Hispanic catholic which helps him feel guilty.

4. The Legend of Kora.  We loved Avatar, the last Airbender.  The kids use to play benders, Jackson was Water, Sara was Fire (duh), Emily was Earth and Bub was Air (double duh), he's scared of everything else.  Anyway, the new Airbender is awesome. 

5. Vegan chocolate coconut macaroons....which is why they're all gone now. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

What I imagine

When I think of myself dancing...I imagine I look something similar to this ...I don't actually dare watch myself know just in case it's too awesome.  I wouldn't want anyone to feel bad from my epic-ness. Plus this song is super cool.