Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That's right! 5!!!!!

1.  Mind Reader series by Lori Brighton and it's not just because I emailed her and she emailed me back and I'm still nerding out about it.  The first book is The Mind Readers, the second is The Mind Thieves and the third which is coming out around the 17th is The Mind Games.  It should be safe to start reading now.  You won't have to go through the physical pain of waiting for the last book to come out...serious...physical pain.  The 2nd book ends in a freakin cliff hanger, you'll be like "What the ...BEEP!".  So good.

2.  MIKA.  I can't help myself.  He's adorabibble and his music cheers me up.

Once I get up I feel better
And I pull myself together
I remember those two letters
It will be OK

 3. A weekend with no kids.  It is AWESOME!!!!

4. Seeing my kids after a long weekend away.  It is AWESOME!!!!

5. Life.  The past 6 or so months...what am I saying...it's probably closer to a year,  I've been so up and so down emotionally that I hardly know what to say.  I've cried...a lot, gotten angry and frustrated, asked "why?",felt lots and lots of regret but in the end... I love my life. Out of all the ugly has come new hopes and dreams, a new appreciation for everything I have and am.  I love my family, I love that I KNOW what's truly important, I love knowing that a house doesn't make a home, I love that I can easily separate what I want from what I need, I love music, I love books, I love seeing my kids grow up, I love seeing Larry's smile after he's been on his motorcycle, I love my friends, I love love love my life.  There are so many things right now that just plain suck but I realize that none of it will last forever, that eventually the dust will settle and what will be left are the things that I love.

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MEDHA said...

Love your blog! its so real! :) Happy happy new year!